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Due to the success of La Tomatina Festival and the large number of attendees, it has been decided to pay a tax of 10€ to access the “Tomatoes Area”  to guarantee the quality as well as the safety of the festivity while recovering the main value of this festivity, just fun. At the same time, the lorries route has been lengthened to offer more space to the participants who will be able now to have more space and more freedom to pelt others with tomatoes.

The access to Buñol as well as the rest of activities, which take place in parallel with La Tomatina Festival, will remain opened so that you will be able to visit the town, its monuments and enjoy its traditional gastronomy with complete freedom the whole day.

Individual tickets are sold out and now there is no possibility to book them online BUT you have some other choices:

  • Official Tour: You can buy one of Official Tours 2014 that are being managed by SpainTastic!:
  • Or you can buy too a ticket through an agency that usually will add the bus transfer and other services. Here you have the list of
  • IMPORTANT: We recommend you to buy your tickets in advance through one of the authorized sales channels. The day of the Tomatina in Buñol will be a small amount of tickets on sale in two tents equipped for it.


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