Travel agents ticket acquisition



Request and allocation period for the Tomatina tickets will come into effect on the date on which the Boletín Oficial of Provincia de Valencia is published. This period will be posted in the edicts board and Town Hall and Tomatina websites.

The maximum number of tickets that can be acquired is 50 and the maximum that can be acquired during the first to sixth periods is 1,800. During the seventh and eighth periods there are no limits as long as any number of tickets has been acquired previously.


Tickets will be requested according to the standarized model published on the Town Hall website (http://buñ and the Tomatina website (, and should include, in those cases where the documents have not been included in other allocations, the following:

  • Corresponding license issued by the appropriate administration body (wholesale or retail).
  • The business tax corresponding to the section on travel agents.


Period Date
First period
March 13 2020
Second period
March 27 2020
Third period
April 24 2020
Fourth period
May 29 2020
Fifth period
June 26 2020
Sixth period
July 31 2020
Seventh period
August 7th 2020
Eight period
August 12 2020
Ninth period
August 19 2020


The payment deadline once tickets have been acquired will be 15 days during the first to sixth periods and 4 days during the seventh and eighth.


Name Tickets
Miki Travel


Wristbands will be delivered during the two weeks prior to the Tomatina festival to allottees, which will be called for an appointment in order to pick up the wristbands in the administrative headquarters of the Town Hall (Cid 20, Buñol) by an authorized person (including properly authorized couriers).


  • Ordenanza fiscal reguladora de la tasa por prestación del servicio de fiesta de “La Tomatina”. Publicado BOP 37, de fecha 21/02/2019.
  • Instancia de solicitud de entradas.


  • Publicación inicio de los plazos para adquisición de entradas de la fiesta de “La Tomatina” por agencias de viaje. Publicado BOP 24, de fecha 04/02/2019.
  • Resolución de Alcaldía de las adjudicaciones para la adquisición de entradas de la fiesta de “La Tomatina” por agencias de viaje, dentro del primer plazo. Resolución 434/2019 de 9 de abril de 2019.


  • Publicación inicio del plazo para adquisición de entradas de la fiesta de “La Tomatina” por agencias de viaje. Publicado BOP 100, de fecha 25/05/2018.
  • Publicación de adjudicaciones posteriores al primer plazo de adjudicación. Publicado BOP 137, de fecha 17/07/2018.