La Tomatina of Buñol, an advertising strategy for the five continents

La Tomatina of Buñol, an advertising strategy for the five continents

La Tomatina has one of the biggest international impacts of all the Spanish celebrations, and is a summer must for the ones that love to have fun and tourists from around the world. This enthusiasm for La Tomatina has been spotted by the international advertisers and publicist; important brands and corporations with an international level, as Samsung, Endesa, Gallina Blanca, or the Australian assurance agency Cover Moore have already shoot publicity spots and sponsorships, connecting their product with the party, image of youth, passion and energy.

Without going any further, last weekend, a well-known Indian brand has recreated a Tomatina with almost 20.000 kilos of tomatoes for a spot, with a technical team formed by 50 people, and nearly 200 extras.



Even petitions from Hollywood have arrived to bring La Tomatina to the cinema, and on the month of July will be shoot scenes in Buñol for a film, with more that 60 tones of tomatoes, nearby 600 extras and a numerous technical team that will come to the town, being this the biggest production related with the celebration, with the biggest economic impact made so far.

La Tomatina of Buñol has become one of the favourites scenarios for brands and advertisings of the world.

The giant technology company Google released this week a commercial for its new app, Questions’ in which the celebration of Buñol is mentioned. Even the Disney factory has included La Tomatina to one of its famous Disney Shorts, named “Al Rojo Vivo”. There, Mickey Mouse is the target of all the tomatoes in a story that, also placed in the Sanfermines of Pamplona, makes the red colour the main character and unifying thread of the short animation.

All this production develop a big repercussion, and contributes to a biggest diffusion of La Tomatina all around the world, making Buñol even more known everywhere. The big work that is being done from the City hall of Buñol at the management and promotion, with Rafael Pérez in charge of the councillorship created specifically for the celebration, has made that every year more requests arrive asking to use or mention La Tomatina and vinculate it to promote their products, or even to make the Buñol’s party their favourite scenarios for the spots or cinematic productions.

The next aspect to highlight is obviously the economic one: besides the collection from the rights of using the name of La Tomatina in their productions, this productions generate an average impact of €300.000 to the town, because of the incomings for accommodation, subsistence allowance and the expenses of the technical and artistic teams. And most of the times, the extras are usually citizens from de town and surroundings, which helps to create employment.

For all that La Tomatina represents, it sells and helps to sell, and has become one of the most attractive strategy to brands from the five continents.