Official presentation of La Tomatina of Buñol 2015

Official presentation of La Tomatina of Buñol 2015


La Tomatina party celebrates this year its 70th anniversary.

More tomatoes than ever will be thrown: 150 tonnes.

A bigger offer of activities and services than the previous years, with the 2nd edition of the Tomatina Sound Festival and the new Tomatina Race


Buñol, 22 de abril de 2015

This morning took place the official presentation of La Tomatina of Buñol 2015, that will be celebrated this year on August 26th, last Wednesday of the month, as usually. Las Arenas hotel of Valencia is the choosen place for this event, that counts with the participation of Rafael Pérez, deputy mayor, comunication councillor and La Tomatina councillor; Julia Martínez, president of the Trader’s Assosiation of Buñol; and Vicente Sanfeliu, manager of the advertising agency Socarrat Studio and who has designed La Tomatina’s poster.


Cartel de la tomatina 2015

This year’s edition of La Tomatina is speciall, because it is its 70th anniversary. Seven decades have passed since the first accidental fight between two young boys in 1945, that has developped in an improvised tomatoes’ fight between all the people at Plaza del Pueblo, the main square of the town. An episode that in the following years has become a tradition, and became established as the most famous and international celebrations in the world. “Buñol recieves during its festivities about 40 000 visitors, which is to quadruple the amount of the population of the town. For that, and in the same way as the previous editions, our intention is to give the best service possible to those who come to visit us, and to increase the leisure’s offer to guarantee a bigger entertainment”, says Rafel Pérez, deputy mayor and La Tomatina’s councillor.

For the third time in a row, the capacity of La Tomatina will be regulated by selling tickets for the event, a mesure that “as well as guaranties the sustainability of the party, also means a better security and fun for the attenders”. This tickets, exchangeables for the now famous bacelets that make easier the entrance to the enclosure, can be bought since today at the official site for €10. This year, 22 000 tickets will be avaiable, to a Tomatina that will break its own record and in where almost 145 000 kg of tomatoes will be thrown. As every year, we expect participants from almost all the nationalities, among which the asutralians (12,40%), britains ( 11,79%), japaneese ( 10,17%) and americans (7,64%) stand out, with also the spanish.

La Tomatina increases its number of characters

It’s precisally the international spirit of this celebration what has been remarked in this year’s poster. “The main image of the 70th anniversary had to be a appreciation to those who really make this event possible, so that’s why we give attention to the participants. It’s the fourth sign we make for La Tomatina from Socarrat, and after paying tribute to the tomatoes and to the growth of the event beyond its boundaries, it was right to give importance to the visitors. Characterized as little tomatoes, we can see in first place a number of characters prefectly assosiable with the different nationalities that come to the party” explains Vicente Sanfeliu, Socarrat Studio‘s manager, and the resposible for the image of the event.

The new image of La Tomatina of Buñol of this year is going to be comercialized on differnt mechandising products, and will be avaiable at all the associated bussiness of the town the whole year. “La Tomatina not only needs to be one of the most famous popular celebrations in the world. It needs to be consolidated as an economic addition for all the people who live in Buñol”, says Julia Martínez, president of the Trade’s Association, who has presented the new ideas for this year’s edition: “the official T-shirt in a terracotta colour, long-sleeved sweatshirts, which are new this year, and products with the different “tomaticos” that come to visit us, will be seen on mugs, magnets and key holders, and a portion of the production will be done with 70th Annniversary logo. Also, on cases to keep objects (as mobile phones), very usefull when at the party, little bags, flip-flops, and many other things that we will be offering”.



More fun and new tecnologies

As complementary activities to the main event, once again we will have the Gastronomic and Cultural Fair of La Tomatina, celebrated on July; the third Junior Tomatina, which was very succesful on its past two editions and that will take place on August 22nd, the Saturday before La Tomatina; and the second edition of Tomatina Sound Festival, which reunited thousands of people last year.

But the main new thing this year will be the first Tomatina Race, a crazy steeplechase with tomatoes where the fun won’t be missing.

In addition, we wanted to make bigger the presence of La Tomatina on the web and new technologies. “We are aware about the importance of the social media and the new technologies on the adverstising and spreading proces of this type of events”, explains Pérez, “and for this edition, besides of an increased presence on the different networks where La Tomatina has a profile, we are developping apps for mobile phones, as games, virtual reality, or interactive maps”.